Attorney Profiles

"Eric has done a fantastic job of becoming one of the top Social Security disability attorneys in the Bay Area. It is very gratifying to work closely together and be able to offer such a high level of representation."

-Richard A. Gutstadt

"When I first started out, I learned from one of the most knowledgeable and winning Social Security disability attorneys around. Richard has handled so many different kinds of cases over the years, his experience, know-how, and proven system have given me the confidence to successfully help our clients - in even the most challenging of circumstances."

- Eric J. Patrick

4 Important Considerations in Choosing Legal Representation:

1) The government is quietly trying to make it harder for people to be found disabled;

2) Many inexperienced Internet groups are offering legal representation, but are not skilled in disability hearing preparation and representation;

3) Our combined experience, proactive approach, and individual focus helps win the vast majority of our cases;

4) After we win your case, we make sure that you receive the maximum amount of past due benefits to which you are entitled, especially if you receive other public disability benefits like Worker's Compensation or SDI.