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How does Supplemental Security Income work?

  • What is Supplemental Security Income?

SSI, as Supplemental Security Income is often known, is a monthly benefit designed to supplement the income of people with limited income and resources due to disability. A disability may be a permanent serious injury, blindness or  exceeding 65 years when age affects employability.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through Social Security?

Social Security is a well-known government insurance program that involves a standard payroll tax deduction applied to working Americans. The government takes a certain amount from each paycheck, paid by both employee and employer, which varies depending on the worker's total income. Later in life, when those workers become disabled or choose to retire, they can draw Social Security insurance benefits that help them avoid outright poverty.

Am I eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits?

Gaining an income as a person with a disability can be very difficult. If your disability is preventing you from gaining a meaningful income, you should be able to gain benefits from the government. There are several benefits programs that you may be eligible for. One of these is Supplemental Security Income (SSI).