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Am I eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | ssi supplemental security income

Gaining an income as a person with a disability can be very difficult. If your disability is preventing you from gaining a meaningful income, you should be able to gain benefits from the government. There are several benefits programs that you may be eligible for. One of these is Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

SSI is a federal benefits program that focuses on getting funds to people in need. Before applying for benefits from this program, you should find out whether you are eligible.

SSI eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for SSI, you must be considered legally blind or disabled or be at least 65 years of age. In addition to this, you must be able to show that you have a limited income and that you are struggling financially.

Do I need to have a strong work history?

SSI benefits are not awarded by taking into account your work history or tax payments in the past. Cases are evaluated on a needs basis.

How do I show I am struggling financially?

You need to should that your countable resources are low in addition to your income. To qualify, you should be able to show that your individual financial assets are not higher than $2,000.

How do I prove my disability?

Your disability must be a condition that is recognized by the Social Security Administration (SSA). In addition, you may struggle to attain SSI benefits if you are refusing to go through treatments that are advised by your medical provider.

If you are struggling financially because of a disability, you should consider the different programs that you may be able to benefit from.