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Many disabled individuals do not get the benefits they need

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2023 | social security disability

It is often difficult for those who are unable to work to pay for basic daily needs, including food, clothing and housing. These needs are critical, but without regular employment, disabled individuals in California may face significant financial struggles. The intent of the disability benefits programs through the Social Security Administration is to provide support for qualified applicants. However, studies find that many do not apply for or receive the benefits they need. 

Don’t miss out on important support 

Recent research indicates that as many as one million disabled individuals are not receiving disability benefits for which they are eligible. This means only 47% of those who have work-limiting physical and mental disabilities get financial support from the SSA through the Supplemental Security Income program or the Social Security Disability Insurance program.  

There are varying reasons why so many go without critical support. One reason may be that it is difficult to get approval due to staffing shortages and delays in application processing. The SSA also strictly limits how much one can work while remaining eligible for these benefits. 

Seeking guidance at every step 

The process of applying for and securing disability benefits is not easy, even for those who have legitimate disabilities and employment limitations. It may be in the interests of a qualified applicant to seek the support and guidance of an experienced California disability benefits attorney before moving forward. This legal guidance may prove invaluable when navigating the application process and dealing with unexpected setbacks.