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Possible reasons why your disability benefits were denied

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | ssdi appeals

If you have recently applied for social security disability benefits, you are likely worried about your financial future. As a result, you will want to start gaining the benefits you deserve as soon as possible. If your initial application was denied, you may be worried that you will never be able to gain disability benefits.

Many people who are entitled to disability benefits have their initial claims rejected. This is often because they have provided incomplete or incorrect information. Therefore, you should not lose hope if you have had your application denied. The following are some of the most common reasons why disability claims are denied.

The SSA could not get in touch with you

Commonly, the SSA will have questions when assessing a claim. However, if they cannot get a response from you within a certain amount of time, they may deny your claim.

You did not provide enough records

The SSA will need to see the documentation that proves the extent and severity of your disability. If the documentation that you provided is not sufficient to show this, your application will be denied. However, you may be able to provide enough documentation to be successful when you appeal.

You did not follow your doctor’s orders

Disability benefits are only available to those who are following the treatment advice of medical professionals. If, for example, a certain medication would allow you to gain meaningful employment but you refuse to take it, your benefits application will not be accepted.

If you are feeling disheartened because your disability benefits application is denied, you should investigate the possibilities for making a successful appeal.