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How does Supplemental Security Income work

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | ssi supplemental security income

  • What is Supplemental Security Income?

SSI, as Supplemental Security Income is often known, is a monthly benefit designed to supplement the income of people with limited income and resources due to disability. A disability may be a permanent serious injury, blindness or  exceeding 65 years when age affects employability.

  • How is this different than Social Security benefits?

There is no minimum age for SSI related to disability or blindness, and the level of payments is not affected by previous work or FICA contributions. The funding also comes from general U.S. Treasury funds and is not from FICA taxes.

  • How are these benefits similar to general benefits?

SSI is a monthly disbursement that may be mailed or electronically wired to recipients. Requirements for proof of disability are similar for applicants over the age of 18. Financial need is never considered in a medical determination of disability by the SSA, which administers both programs.

  • How can I get help with a claim for SSI?

People who may need Supplemental Security Income may seek the assistance of an attorney. A lawyer can help review a claim for SSI and look for ways to fight a rejection for a previous claim. No one needs to go through the process of seeking SSI alone.