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How can an applicant verify a claim for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | social security disability

When a California adult is unable to work, it can lead to financial hardship for the entire family. Without gainful employment, it is impossible to make ends meet and pay for necessary medical expenses and other needs. For this reason, a disabled individual may want to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Even with a legitimate disabling medical condition and a completed application, it is not always easy to meet this goal.

The SSA holds a strict definition of disability, and the federal agency will look closely at all documentation in order to verify an applicant’s claim. It is helpful for a disabled individual to keep track of financial records, medical visits, hospitalizations and other types of treatment related to the disability. It will also be helpful for a claim to keep careful track of doctors and any care provider used.

Taking these steps will help build a stronger claim and increase the chance of success on the initial application. However, it is common for initial claims to come back denied. At this point, a California applicant has the right to walk through various appeals steps, including seeking reconsideration of the claim. Additional documentation may be necessary.

Applying for disability benefits can be a complex process, especially when it involves a denied claim or knowing what documentation is necessary for an initial claim. This is one of the many reasons why it is helpful to work with an experienced attorney from the very beginning of the process. Experienced guidance can help an individual avoid setbacks and pursue his or her goals without unnecessary complications.