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Expectations when applying for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | social security disability

When a California individual is unable to work because of a disabling medical condition or mental disability, he or she could be eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits are for those who are precluded from earning a gainful income because of their medical issues. Even with a valid disability, it is not always easy to navigate this process and achieve a successful outcome.

Applying for disability benefits can be a lengthy process. The first step is to gather appropriate documentation that validates the claim. The applicant must prove he or she is disabled by including evidence such as medical bills, medical records, information about medication, information about former employment and more. The Social Security Administration holds a strict definition of disability, and the evidence will be carefully reviewed to determine the applicant’s level of impairment.

A California applicant should understand that many initial disability claims come back denied. If this happens, it is not the end of the road for those who are unable to work. There are various levels of appeals, and an applicant can take steps to seek a reconsideration of his or her claim. It is helpful for an applicant to have reasonable expectations when seeking financial support through the SSA.

Disability benefits are important for someone who can no longer work because of a physical or mental condition. Many applicants find it beneficial to seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in Social Security disability laws. An assessment of the individual case can help an applicant have appropriate expectations for the process and allow him or her to avoid unnecessary setbacks.