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What should women know when seeking disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | social security disability

When a woman is unable to continue working due to a mental or physical disability, she may apply for financial support through the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits are available to qualified individuals, providing a source of income for those who cannot hold gainful employment. California women who are considering applying may find it helpful to learn about what to expect from this process and how they can minimize the potential for complications.

Numbers indicate that women and men apply for disability benefits in equal numbers. In the past, Social Security Disability Insurance recipients were primarily men. It is possible that more women are now eligible and receiving benefits because of the types of jobs and employment records many women how have. One requirement for SSDI/SSI benefits is proof of a substantial work history and evidence of a significant medical impairment.

It is good news that women are now more likely to get the disability benefits they need than they perhaps were in the past. However, there are still signs of inequity between male and female recipients. On average, women get lower benefit amounts than men do. Statistics suggests an average gap of around 20% between men and women.

Applying for disability benefits and gathering necessary documentation can be a complex process. Women who are considering this step will find it helpful to work with an experienced California attorney from the very beginning of the process. This guidance can prove invaluable during the application process and in the event the claim comes back denied, making additional steps necessary.