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Disability claims being held up by signature requirements

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | social security disability

Even with a valid disability, it can be complicated for an individual applying with the Social Security Administration to get what he or she needs. The disability claims process can be long, and there can be various setbacks that may increase the amount of time between when a person applies and when he or she gets a response. Right now, many are experiencing delays because of a signature requirement for disability claims.

The difficulty of applying for benefits is only one of the many challenges faced by those who have disabling medical conditions. Those are applying for these benefits with the assistance of a representative must submit a hard copy of the paperwork with signatures in ink. This can be challenging for someone who is struggling with mobility issues. It can also add weeks or even months to the application process.

There are some who claim the hardcopy signature requirement is discriminatory against those who have severe mobility issues. In a time when many types of financial transaction can be completed online, it seems unreasonable that the same does not apply to an application process for disability benefits. There is currently a lawsuit against the SSA for this standard.

The disability claims process is complex, but an applicant does not have to walk through it alone. Before completing or sending paperwork, it may be appropriate to speak with an experienced attorney regarding how to avoid unnecessary setbacks and complications. With guidance, it is easier to avoid unnecessary delays that may stand in between a deserving applicant and the support he or she deserves.