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Disability support available to those with some mental disorders

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | social security disability

When an individual is unable to work due to factors beyond his or her control, such as because of a health problem, it can lead to financial hardship. The inability to earn a living can impact every member of a California family, especially if the disabling medical condition is expected to be a long-term struggle. While these disabling conditions are often physical, it is important not to overlook the struggles faced by those with certain types of mental disorders.

Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration are available to those who are unable to work because of certain types of mental conditions. There are two options for which one may apply, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. The benefits available through the SSA can help an applicant address daily expenses, medical needs and more.

SSDI/SSI benefits are available to those who are unable to work but have a history of paying certain payroll taxes. SSI benefits are available to those who do not have a sufficient work history, thereby making them ineligible for SSDI/SSI benefits. When reviewing an application, the SSA will look carefully at documentation and medical records to verify the severity of the applicant’s mental health issues.

The process of applying for disability benefits is complex and often frustrating, even if the California applicant has a valid condition. Mental disorders are sometimes valid grounds for a claim, and an individual will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney at every step of the application process. This can provide an applicant with a higher chance of success with his or her initial claim.