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Who is eligible to fast track their disability claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | social security disability

The process of seeking benefits through the Social Security Administration can be complicated. It can take a long time to get approval, and California applicants who have particularly serious illnesses may not be able to wait that long for financial support. Thankfully, the SSA allows for some to fast track their application and get the support they need without having to wait the typical amount of time.

Fast tracking a Social Security Disability Insurance application is a process available to those who have specific medical conditions. The Compassionate Allowances program offers this expedited process for those with one of 242 specific medical conditions. This list includes certain aggressive cancers, degenerative diseases, immune system sicknesses and more. This allows those with terminal or grave illnesses the possibility of getting what they need.

There are also other programs and systems that may fast track an application automatically. For example, certain keywords in an application, such as the words terminal cancer, may automatically trigger an expedited review process. Even with a clear case for a fast process, all disability claims come with at least a short waiting period. A California disability applicant will benefit from having qualified assistance at every step.

Before seeking disability benefits, it may be helpful to seek an assessment of the individual case. An attorney can help an applicant understand what he or she needs to prove disability and how to seek an expedited process, if he or she qualifies. This assistance can reduce the chance of preventable mistakes and setbacks that can lengthen the waiting period.