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After 65, what happens to disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2021 | social security disability

There are individuals who receive benefits from a Social Security Administration program each month because of a disabling medical condition. When someone is unable to work for these reasons, disability benefits may be a viable way to secure necessary financial support when unable to hold gainful employment. However, do these benefits cease or change once a California recipient turns 65?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a government program that provides benefits to those who cannot work now but have a certain type of employment history. To qualify for SSDI/SSI benefits, one must have paid specific payroll taxes while employed. Once a person who is currently receiving SSDI/SSI benefits reaches retirement age, 65, those benefits will automatically convert to retirement benefits.

Those who do not have the right type of work history or do not otherwise qualify for SSDI/SSI benefits may qualify for Supplemental Security Income. Once an individual turns 65, he or she may also be eligible for Medicare. Individuals younger than 65 could also be eligible for Medicare if they have a disability. Eligibility for these benefits is contingent on how much income the applicant has each month.

Whether applying for disability benefits or dealing with eligibility concerns, there is benefit in working with a California attorney experienced in disability claims. This guidance can help prevent unnecessary setbacks and ensure an applicant has a better chance of success on his or her initial claim. Before applying, it may be helpful to seek an understanding of qualification requirements and what to expect from the application process.