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If you get disability benefits, can you still work?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | social security disability

Those who are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability may be qualified for financial benefits through the Social Security Administration. There are strict eligibility requirements associated with disability benefits, and those who receive them must provide documentation regarding how their disability impacts their ability to work. Holding a job could affect a California recipient’s eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

It is possible, within strict limits, to continue to work while receiving Social Security disability benefits. If a person receiving this type of financial support continues to work, he or she must not work to the point where the SSA may consider it substantial gainful activity. In 2021, this means earning more than $1,310 per month. The amount is higher if you are visually impaired.

If someone earns more than the set amount, he or she will not be eligible for disability benefits. The SSA does have some work incentive programs which allow for some disabled individuals to work in a capacity that will allow them to reenter the workforce at some point. The intent of these programs is to allow individuals to become self-supporting over time.

Disability eligibility requirements are strict, and employment could compromise one’s ability to continue receiving this type of financial support. When considering a job or even before applying for disability benefits, it can be helpful to speak with an experienced California attorney about the individual situation. Legal counsel could help a recipient or applicant avoid complications that may affect his or her success with an application or continued eligibility.