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It may take longer now to secure disability benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2021 | social security disability

Over the last year, several functions of the government have slowed dramatically due to worldwide health concerns. This has caused problems for several individuals who are applying for certain types of benefits and waiting on the government’s response. It may take longer and be a more frustrating process for those who are applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Desperate applicants

When an individual is applying for disability benefits, it is because he or she is unable to work because of a physical or mental condition. Applicants are not able to hold gainful employment or earn enough to support themselves and their families. The application process is already long and frustrating, and now it is taking even longer for many.

This can lead to a sense of desperation for many who need financial support. When the pandemic began, the Social Security Administration implemented certain changes to make the application process smoother and safer. The SSA even shut down temporarily, and many workers processing applications are working remotely. Slowdown in mail service in many areas has made it difficult to get critical medical documentation to the SSA in order to validate claims.

Improving chances of success

The process of applying for disability benefits can be lengthy and frustrating. Slowdowns in the process on the government’s end can add additional complications and make it more difficult to get desperately needed benefits. There may be benefit in some applicants working with an experienced attorney as this may give them a better chance of success with their initial application.