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Long waits for those who apply for Social Security disability

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | social security disability

The Social Security Administration offers financial support for individuals who are unable to work due to certain types of disabling medical conditions. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available to qualifying individuals who cannot otherwise hold gainful employment because of physical or mental impairments. However, individuals in California may find they are facing a long and complex application process, even with a valid disability.

The application process

Applying for disability benefits begins with completing an application and gathering certain types of documentation. Applicants from other states, like those in California, note that they could be waiting months or years to actually succeed in the process. Many initial claims come back denied, and it can take a long time to navigate the appeals process. This can be daunting and frustrating for those who cannot earn an income in other ways.

Those familiar with the process believe the real issue is related to a lack of resources from Congress. Consequently, the SSA does not have the employees or ability to effectively process all applications sent in. Around 63% of initial applications come back denied, and approximately 54% of those who appeal or apply again after a denial get approved.

Experienced guidance is important

It is important for those seeking disability benefits from the SSA to have experienced guidance. The application process can be frustrating and long, and a California disability attorney can help an applicant protect his or her rights. With help, it may be easier for an individual to avoid setbacks and complications.