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Assistance for those applying for Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2021 | social security disability

The process of securing benefits from the Social Security Administration can be frustrating and complex. In addition to the confusing application process, some California applicants may find their initial application comes back denied. It may be possible to have a higher chance of success with an initial claim by having the right type of support and assistance before and during the Social Security Disability application process. 

What type of help is needed? 

Applying for disability benefits from the SSA can be an overwhelming thought. It includes the completion of certain types of paperwork, gathering certain types of documentation and more. Some of the things with which an applicant may need assistance include: 

  • Attendance at medical evaluations and examinations 
  • Gathering and organizing medical documentation 
  • Properly interpreting material sent from the SSA 
  • Completing online forms and physical paperwork 
  • Calling the SSA or reaching out for information and answers 

The application process can be especially challenging for those who have conditions, either physical or mental, that may limit what they can do. Having help can reduce the chance of complications or setbacks as a result of preventable mistakes or misunderstandings. 

Important financial support 

It can be beneficial for someone applying for Social Security disability benefits to have support at every step. It may also be useful for an applicant to consider working with an experienced California attorney during this process as well. It is not always easy to get benefits, but it is not something an applicant must address alone.