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Could a substance abuse problem impact a disability claim?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | social security disability

If a California adult is unable to work because of some type of medical problem, it may mean financial struggles and other complications for every member of the family. It could be extremely important for that individual to secure disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. There are several factors that could impact one’s likelihood of approval, including a substance abuse problem.

Considerations by the SSA

The SSA looks at several factors when determining whether an applicant is legitimately disabled and deserving of benefits. The SSA cannot deny a claim on the basis of substance abuse if the applicant’s medical condition otherwise meets the requirements of a disability. However, it can deny a claim if the substance abuse problem caused or contributes to the applicant’s ongoing medical needs.

Generally, the SSA will consider the problem a factor in a person’s medical condition if there is evidence of it in an applicant’s medical records. However, if the problem caused permanent and irrevocable damage unlikely to be affected by abstinence, the applicant may still qualify as genuinely disabled. A California applicant may find it beneficial to learn as much as possible about what qualifies as a disability before moving forward.

Help with a claim

Every applicant seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may benefit from the experienced guidance of a knowledgeable attorney from the very beginning of the process. Legal assistance is helpful as the application process can be complex and frustrating. This may be especially true for those with substance abuse problems pursuing a disability claim.