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It may be easier and faster to get disability benefits soon

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | social security disability

Applying for financial support from the Social Security Administration can be a frustrating and lengthy process. This process has been even more complex for individuals who applied for Social Security disability benefits during the pandemic. Because of lower staffing, closed offices and other pandemic-related issues, many applications have experienced significant delays in processing. It is possible that new actions could improve operations and make it faster and easier for applicants to get the support they need and deserve. 

New budget improvements 

President Biden’s 2022 budget proposal includes a significant increase in funds for the Social Security Administration, which would allow the agency to return to a relatively normal level of operations. During the past year, there was an approximate 30% increase in backlogged applications. This has led to many complications and frustrations for deserving applicants. 

Those waiting for benefits may experience hardship due to financial struggles. Getting benefits faster can help those struggling with the effects of disabilities, including depression and paying bills on time. It is hoped that extra funding could alleviate some of the backlog, allow the SSA to process applications faster and get people the help they need quickly. 

Help at every step 

Those seeking disability benefits from the SSA may benefit from assistance from an experienced legal ally. This support can prove invaluable when navigating the complex application process. Even with a backlog, applicants can fight for the full amount of support they need and for which they are qualified.