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Work history and eligibility for SSDI/SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2021 | social security disability

For those in California who are unable to hold gainful employment, having additional financial support is critical. This is why many disabled individuals find it necessary to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. In order to quality for one type of disability benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance, one must have a specific length and type of work history. Before applying, it is critical to understand eligibility requirements.

Understanding work history requirements

Eligibility for and the amount of SSDI/SSI benefits one may receive depends on certain details of the applicant’s work history. For young applicants with limited work experience, it may be possible to qualify for SSDI/SSI benefits with as little as a year and a half of previous work history. The older an applicant is, the more work history will be required in order to be eligible for SSDI/SSI benefits.

When applying for SSDI/SSI benefits, there is a work test that will gauge one’s eligibility for these benefits. The test looks at one’s age and work experience in the time period leading up to the disability. The SSA looks at the amount of credits one has in order to determine payment amounts and overall qualifications for these benefits. Credits are based on age, amount of time worked and other factors.

Work with a legal professional

It is beneficial for a California adult to have support and guidance when seeking disability benefits. The application process can be complex, and many initial claims come back denied. It may be helpful to learn about eligibility requirements before moving forward with a claim for SSDI/SSI benefits.