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Are long-term effects of an illness considered a disability?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2021 | social security disability

For almost two years, people have been affected by the impacts of a global pandemic, with repercussions reaching into virtually every aspect of life. For those who have become sick, they may find their symptoms do not dissipate as expected. Some individuals in California previously diagnosed with COVID-19 may find they continue to struggle. Some have trouble working, wondering if their current condition qualifies as a disability. 

The long-term impacts of the illness 

Those struggling in this way are often said to be “long-haulers”, meaning they are struggling months or longer after their initial diagnosis. Individuals in this group may have long-term difficulty breathing, consistent migraines, continuing fatigue and more. Because of this, the Social Security Administration has seen an increase in the number of disability claims filed by those who had been on a ventilator.  

Many COVID-related claims are filed by those who were once placed on a life-saving breathing machine that left them with certain types of physical struggles. It is not clear how many claims are specifically filed by long-haulers who were not on a ventilator. The Social Security Administration defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that prevents the applicant from working and holding gainful employment. 

Applicants should be prepared 

Regardless of why someone is filing for disability benefits, he or she should be prepared for the process. It can be difficult to secure these benefits, even with a valid disability. Whether someone is struggling with COVID-related symptoms or other medical issues, a California disability attorney can provide guidance and support.