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Social security benefits and workers compensation payments

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2021 | social security disability

Receiving financial support through different sources could be critical for a California adult who is unable to work due to an injury or illness. For those who cannot hold gainful employment, it may be important to pursue disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. Eligibility requirements are strict, and certain factors could affect an applicant’s claim, such as the receipt of workers’ compensation benefits. 

Eligibility for benefits 

It is possible for an applicant to remain eligible for disability benefits while still receiving workers’ compensation benefits. While it does depend on the details of the individual situation, an applicant could receive both, but the amount of the disability benefits may be lower according to the amount of the workers’ compensation payments. A settlement of a claim could also impact the amount of disability benefits. 

The SSA bases eligibility for benefits on specific details, such as the severity of one’s injury, as well as his or her income and more. It is important if considering a workers’ compensation settlement to determine how this could affect other types of critical support. Careful evaluation could determine if payments, a prorated settlement or other option is best. 

Making the best decision 

It is helpful to work with an experienced Social Security disability attorney in California when navigating the disability claims process. If an applicant also receives workers’ compensation benefits, it may help to evaluate how to best move forward with certain decisions that could affect eligibility. An assessment of the individual situation will be important in determining the most effective way forward.