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Challenges faced by older applicants seeking disability benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2021 | social security disability

Older individuals in California may face a myriad of health challenges as they age, and they may find themselves in a place where they need financial support. Those disabled by a progression of disease, injury or other types of health concerns could be eligible for benefits through the Social Security Administration. Elderly applicants can face various challenges as they complete the appropriate paperwork and fight for the benefits they need and deserve.

Retirement and disability

Individuals 62 and older are eligible for retirement benefits through the Social Security Administration. If someone is 62 or above, he or she would not be eligible to apply for disability benefits, even with a valid medical condition. If one is receiving disability benefits before age 62, those benefits would stop upon reaching that age, transitioning to retirement benefits.

If someone is over the age of 62, disabled and not receiving disability benefits, it is possible to apply for both through the SSA. The applicant can begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits quickly. If approved for disability benefits at a later date, the retirement payments would transition to the higher-paying disability benefits.

Guidance for older applicants

If someone near or over the age of 62 wishes to apply for disability benefits, he or she may benefit from an assessment and explanation of options. An experienced California disability benefits attorney can explain how one can secure the financial help he or she needs. The claims process can be complex and confusing but having assistance can give one a higher chance of success.