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How many people in household can receive disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2021 | social security disability

There are many challenges associated with the process of seeking financial support from the Social Security Administration. The application is extensive, and medical documentation is required. Even with a valid claim and clear evidence, many initial claims come back denied. This is why it is important to understand the SSA’s rules and regulations for disability benefits, including whether two California spouses can receive these payments simultaneously.   

Meeting the requirements 

The SSA considers disability benefits applications on an individual basis. This means that two spouses may receive Social Security Disability Insurance payments at the same time if they qualify individually. Each spouse must meet the requirements set forth by the SSA, including having a disabling medical condition that will last for at least a year and keeps them from working. 

For SSDI/SSI benefits, one spouse’s eligibility does not affect the other. However, this could be different for one or two people receiving Supplemental Security Income. For example, two spouses could be eligible for SSI benefits, but both being eligible at the same time could affect the payment amount. 

Get the right information first 

The process involved with seeking Social Security disability benefits is challenging, and it is helpful to have assistance at every step. Working with a California disability benefits attorney may allow one or two spouses to get the right information regarding his or her eligibility and secure assistance with completing the application. As many initial claims are not successful, it may be beneficial to have guidance regarding the steps to follow for an appeal.