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Preparation is the key to success with a disability claim

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | social security disability

Applying for financial support through the Social Security Administration can be a lengthy and arduous process for California adults who may not be prepared for the process. Even with a legitimate disabling medical condition, the SSA denies many initial claims. Before proceeding with the claims process, it is beneficial to know how to get an application ready. Careful preparation is one of the primary keys to success.

A well-prepared application

Application preparation starts with determining whether someone has a valid disability. In order to determine whether a disability qualifies one for benefits, the following considerations are important:

  • If the applicant can work full-time or is currently earning more than $1,260 per month, he or she may not qualify.
  • The SSA carefully considers how the medical impairment affects the individual, which is why inclusion of important documentation and medical evidence is important.
  • If a disabling condition is not on the list of the conditions the SSA considers a valid disabling impairment, the applicant may not qualify.

Even with a carefully prepared disability claim, it may come back denied. After this, an applicant will have the option to continue his or her pursuit of financial support through a reconsideration of his or her claim.

Knowledge and experience

The disability claims process is complex and often frustrating for those who have a genuine need for financial support because of a disability. This is why it is prudent to work with an experienced California attorney at every step, starting with the process of preparing the claim. Thoughtful and careful preparation may help one avoid unnecessary setbacks during the process.