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At-home testing for COVID-19 and disability benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | social security disability

For many who suffered from COVID-19, some of the side effects did not taper off after a few weeks or months. California individuals who had this virus may still be suffering from certain effects, even more than a year or two later. Those known as COVID long-haulers could have difficulty with completing tasks without breathing troubles, and they may be unable to work as normal. There are some who believe these individuals should be eligible for disability benefits. 

Who is eligible for disability? 

The Social Security Administration defines a legitimate disability as a physical or mental condition that prevents one from holding gainful employment. There are strict requirements an applicant must meet, and he or she may benefit from keeping all documentation related to his or her COVID diagnosis. This can be helpful if the individual needs to apply for disability at some point in the future. 

Each case is different, but an at-home test may not be sufficient to provide one with the documentation he or she needs for a disability application. After testing positive, a patient will find it beneficial to follow-up with a medical professional. This ensures that he or she will have a trail of critical documentation in the event of long COVID and other complications. 

Help for disabled individuals 

Those seeking support through a disability claim will benefit from the assistance of an experienced California attorney. Individuals struggling with the long-term effects of COVID may be eligible for disability benefits, but they do not have to pursue this support alone. An assessment of the individual case will reveal the specific options available.