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Who is eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | social security disability

The inability to work due to a medical condition can bring financial complications for a California resident and his or her family. Those who are unable to hold gainful employment because of a disabling mental or physical condition could be eligible for certain types of disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. Social Security Disability Insurance is a valid option for some applicants. 

Important facts before applying 

The SSA holds to a strict definition of disability, and applicants may not qualify unless they meet certain requirements. In order to qualify specifically for SSDI/SSI benefits, one must have a history of paying certain types of payrolls taxes into the Social Security system. Those who have a short-term disability or a partial disability will not qualify for SSDI/SSI benefits. Applicants must be unable to work for at least one year in order to qualify. 

If one does qualify for SSDI/SSI benefits, he or she will be able to receive those payments until a time when that individual is able to return to work. If unable to ever work, the benefits will continue long-term. The SSA also offers some programs to assist those transitioning back to the workplace. 

Help for applicants 

Those who are eligible for disability benefits will find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney at each step of the process. The disability claims process is complicated, and many California Social Security Disability Insurance applicants find their initial claims come back denied. Having guidance along the way can help one avoid frustrating setbacks and complications.