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Payment amounts for Social Security Disability recipients

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | social security disability

Those who receive financial support from the Social Security Administration because they are unable to work depend on these benefits for their daily needs and more. Social Security disability benefits are for those who cannot support themselves due to a disabling medical condition. For a California adult applying for this support, it is important to know how much one can receive. Payment amounts can depend on factors that include work history, type of benefits received and more. 

The amount of SSDI/SSI and SSI benefits 

Social Security Disability Insurance is an option for those who have a work history of paying certain taxes. On average, the monthly SSDI/SSI payment amount is approximately $1,358.30. According to the SSA, most SSDI/SSI recipients receive less than $2,000 per month, and factors that can affect the specific amount include work history and whether the recipient is a primary, dependent or widow. 

Supplemental Security Income is an option for those not eligible for SSDI/SSI benefits. SSI benefits depend on financial need instead of work history. For 2022, the amount that a single individual can receive in SSI benefits is $841 or $1,261 for a couple.  

Assistance with the application process 

If a California adult is applying for financial support from the SSA, he or she will benefit from an explanation of how the applicant process works. It may also be helpful to learn more about payment amounts and the factors that could affect how much one may receive. An applicant may benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.