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Why are fewer people receiving Social Security disability?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | social security disability

For several decades, the number of people seeking financial support from the Social Security Administration steadily increased. The reason for these high numbers includes the acceptance of a broader definition of disability and an aging population. More women were also finding full-time employment, which means more women were eligible for Social Security disability payments based on their work history. These factors are unlikely to occur simultaneously again, which means disability recipients may not increase at such a rate again.

Data on Social Security disability

According to recent statistics, the number of people receiving Social Security Disability benefits is lower now than it was in 2014. Despite a longer life expectancy rate, the lower number of disability recipients may be due to a declining rate of disabling incidents. A few factors that could also play a role in this decrease include:

  • Easier access to health care
  • Shift away from more physically demanding jobs and industries
  • Closing of Social Security field offices
  • New policies and procedures
  • Shift in business cycles

Some of the decrease may also be because new procedures allow administrative law judges more time for consideration when hearing disability cases. Overall, a longer time to consider the facts of the case has led to a downward trend in acceptance rates.

Help for applicants

Despite fewer people receiving this type of financial support, it is still difficult for an applicant to successfully apply for Social Security disability benefits. Each individual seeking support will benefit from the assistance of an attorney. This allows one to fully understand eligibility requirements and fight for the support he or she needs with fewer setbacks and complications.