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The amount one may receive from Social Security each month

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2022 | social security disability

When applying to become a recipient of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, an individual may wonder how much he or she will receive each month. The amount of benefits can differ from case to case, and the amount one will receive depends on factors unique to the individual situation. Before applying, it may be helpful to learn about how the Social Security Administration calculates benefits.

Factors considered by the SSA

Before one can know how much he or she could receive from the SSA per month, that individual will first find it beneficial to know if he or she qualifies for benefits. Someone may be eligible if he or she lacks the capacity to work and earn a stable income due to a disabling medical condition. Other qualifications depend on the applicant’s work history and taxes paid into the Social Security system.

The calculation of benefits depends largely on one’s work history and lifetime earnings from before the disability. The SSA does not consider the severity of one’s injury or condition when calculating benefits. There are two types of disability programs through the SSA for which one may apply depending on eligibility.

Don’t face it alone

The process of applying for disability benefits is complex and overwhelming. A California applicant will benefit from working with an experienced attorney from the beginning in order to understand the specific options available to him or her. This guidance can also prove helpful when navigating the challenges associated with this process and dealing with potential setbacks.