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Can one receive both unemployment and disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | social security disability

When one’s mental or physical impairments prevent him or her from working and holding steady, gainful employment, a California applicant may require financial support in order to meet daily needs. Through the Social Security Administration, an applicant has the ability to seek disability benefits, providing a disabled individual with critical financial support. However, there are certain factors that may impact eligibility, including receiving other types of financial support and income levels. This may include unemployment benefits, hourly wages and more. 

Eligibility for disability benefits 

Only those who meet certain requirements will qualify for Social Security disability benefits. If disability benefits through the SSA are the priority for an applicant, he or she would be wise to discover how other types of income could impact approval or continued benefits. Unemployment benefits may not necessarily negatively impact eligibility, but only in certain circumstances. 

The SSA does not consider unemployment benefits as income. Therefore, it is possible to collect both at the same time. However, a potential applicant will want to know about all of the options available to him or her before making a decision about how to move forward with the process of seeking financial support. 

Legal help is beneficial  

It is helpful to have experienced legal guidance at every step of the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. A California applicant will want to discuss eligibility requirements and other factors that could impact benefits before moving forward. An assessment of one’s case, including income, will provide insight into how one can secure the financial support needed.