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What does compassionate allowance mean for a disability claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | social security disability

When someone is unable to work due to a mental or physical disability, that individual may be eligible for financial support through the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits are difficult to secure, even with a valid claim, and California applicants may find the process lengthy, confusing and challenging. Recently, the SSA announced an expansion of compassionate allowance in an effort to speed up the application process.

More people may be eligible

The SSA holds to a very strict definition of disability, and those who have conditions not on the list of accepted disabilities may have a difficult time securing benefits. The SSA recently added 12 difficult conditions to its Compassionate Allowances Program. This means applicants with specific types of severe conditions may have an easier time securing the benefits they need.

The intent of the Compassionate Allowances Program is to get people with certain medical needs access to financial support as quickly as possible. New conditions added to the programs include those related to different types of cancer and other serious diseases, syndromes and illnesses. To validate a claim for disability benefits, a California applicant will need to include sufficient medical documentation.

Help for applicants

Those seeking disability benefits will find that navigating the process is simpler and easier with the guidance and support of an experienced attorney. An assessment of one’s individual case will reveal if he or she has grounds to pursue benefits through the Compassionate Allowance Program. This evaluation can also help an applicant gain an understanding of disability benefits eligibility requirements.