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Disability payments and the high cost of rent

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2022 | social security disability

Over the last few years, the cost of rent and home prices have skyrocketed, leaving many in California struggling with housing options. Housing can be even more complicated for those who receive disability payments, as the payments amounts have not increased to match higher costs of living. Those in this situation could be facing the threat of eviction or homelessness, even with regular financial support from the Social Security Administration. 

Frustrations and concerns for the future 

This is a problem for many disabled individuals across the United States, and the threat of homelessness is an issue for those on disability payments in every part of the country. An example of this struggle is seen in the situation of one elderly homeless woman who cannot find housing she can afford. She receives $750 per month from Supplemental Security Income and receives other types of support, but she is still struggling to save for a home. 

SSI payments have not kept pace with rising rent. In fact, the amount that this woman receives each month is only slightly higher than the amount offered 10 years ago. Those who receive SSI payments are in particular need of support as the individuals who qualify for this type of benefit are older, blind or are unable to support themselves in other ways. 

Fighting for benefits 

While there are no quick solutions to low federal disability rates, individuals can still fight for what they need. If a disabled individual is considering applying for either type of disability payment offered through the SSA, he or she will benefit from having experienced guidance at each step. An attorney can provide the support that may give an applicant a higher chance of a successful claim.