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When to expect SSDI/SSI payments in November

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | social security disability

Those who receive financial support from the Social Security Administration depend on the payments for their daily needs, and recipients should know when they will receive their money. Not everyone who receives Social Security Disability Insurance payments will receive their money at the same point each month. California recipients expecting SSDI/SSI payments in November will find it helpful to know when they will receive the financial assistance they need from the SSA.

The factors that determine payment dates

There are multiple factors that could impact when a person should receive his or her SSDI/SSI payment. The recipient’s date of birth may be a factor in the schedule, as well as the date on which he or she began receiving payments. If an individual has been receiving SSDI/SSI payments since 1997 or earlier, the payment will come on the third day of each month unless the 3rd is a holiday or weekend. In these cases, the payment will process on the previous business day.

Those who began receiving SSDI/SSI payments more recently than 1997 will find that the payment schedule follows the same timeline as Social Security payments. Payments are processed on Wednesdays, depending on the recipient’s date of birth. SSDI/SSI recipients can also expect their payments to be higher after the beginning of the year due to the cost-of-living adjustment.

Problems with payments?

Those who currently receive payments and are having difficulty may benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced Social Security attorney. California individuals hoping to apply for SSDI/SSI benefits may also find this guidance helpful as they navigate the lengthy and potentially complicated application and approval process.