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Does long Covid qualify for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | social security disability

Individuals in California who are struggling with long-term medical needs and the inability to maintain gainful employment could be eligible for certain types of support through the federal government. The Social Security Administration offers financial support for qualified applicants who are unable to work due to a disabling physical or mental condition. Sufferers of long Covid may be incapable of working as they did in before they got sick, but many find the application process difficult and confusing.

Applying for disability support

Covid has impacted millions of Americans, and for many, certain symptoms never resolved. A percentage of those who had this illness now suffer from long Covid, a long-term medical condition that can include respiratory issues and other ongoing concerns. Patients with long Covid may not be able to walk long distances, stand for extended periods of time, do any exerting activity and work as they did before they got sick.

Those who have long Covid may not be able to work, but they may also find it difficult to secure disability benefits. Estimates from the SSA suggest that as many as 44,000 disability claims have been related to long Covid medical problems. Around 30% of those who suffered from Covid have had long-term symptoms.

The support one needs

Social Security disability benefits offer those who are unable to work the ability to secure important financial support. If a California applicant wishes to pursue disability benefits due to long Covid, he or she will find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney. Legal guidance can be helpful during the complex and lengthy application process.