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Outdated reasons for denying disability claims

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2023 | social security disability

When an individual is unable to work due to a disabling physical or mental condition, that person may be eligible for financial support through the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits can be difficult to claim because the application process can be complicated, and the SSA can deny claims for a variety of reasons. However, some of the reasons why claims come back denied are due to obsolete job titles from a list created in 1977. 

The need to modernize the SSA system 

The SSA reviews each claim, determining if the California applicant is still able to work in certain positions. A person must be disabled to the extent that he or she is not able to maintain gainful employment to qualify for these benefits. Unfortunately, the SSA still uses a list of potential jobs from 1977 as a reason to deny claims. 

As an example, one individual was unable to qualify for benefits despite severe limitations due to two strokes because the SSA claimed he could work as a nut sorter, egg processor or dowel inspector. These are jobs that no longer exist in the United States. This qualifying data has not been updated in 45 years, and the system desperately needs modernization. 

Fighting for benefits 

A California applicant seeking disability benefits will benefit from legal support at every step. Fighting for benefits after a denial can be complex, and an outdated system can make it even more complicated. A disabled individual may benefit from first seeking an assessment of his or her case and an understanding of the legal options available.