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Waiting for disability benefits can be long and frustrating

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | social security disability

If one is unable to work due to a physical or mental condition, that individual may find it difficult to pay for basic needs, such as housing, food or clothing. To offset the economic suffering brought on by a disability, the Social Security Administration offers benefits to qualified California applicants who need financial support. Unfortunately, the application process for disability benefits is long and frustrating, and it can be challenging to secure rightful benefits.  

Prolonging suffering 

In order to secure disability benefits, one must meet certain eligibility requirements. However, even qualified applicants who complete the appropriate paperwork and include the necessary documentation may wait a long time for the support they need. Applicants may continue to suffer physically and financially as they wait for the approval and their money. 

One of the problems is that SSA offices are short-staffed, and there are not enough employees to process applications in a reasonable amount of time. Some applicants note they waited months just to hear about their status, only to learn that the SSA needed additional information before approving them. This problem may continue as the SSA is down several thousand employees while claims have only increased. 

Fighting for support 

Seeking and securing disability benefits can be a long and frustrating process. California applicants will benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced Social Security disability attorney who can assist with every step, from the completion of the application to appealing a denied claim. It may be beneficial to have this guidance from the earliest steps of the process.