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Processing times for disability applications are extensive

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2023 | social security disability

If an individual cannot support himself or herself due to physical or mental limitations, that person may have a valid claim to benefits through the Social Security Administration. The SSA offers financial support for those who have valid disabilities, but unfortunately, California claimants are finding that the processing times are long, and it can be months or longer before they learn if they will qualify for benefits. 

Delays, backlogs and more frustration 

Unfortunately, the SSA is facing a serious backlog of disability applications. Processing times are long for many reasons, including pandemic-related office closures, shortages of staff and more. These delays sadly impact those who are hoping for relief and financial support, and there is no evidence that the SSA has a plan for addressing these delays in the near future. 

Underfunding is also a major factor in the slow processing time, and estimates suggest that there are millions of disability applications waiting for review. According to the SSA, around 170,000 people were informed of their application status in December, with many of them waiting an average of seven months. 

Avoiding unnecessary delays 

The process of seeking disability benefits is long and frustrating, especially for those who have no other source of income. A California applicant would be wise to avoid any unnecessary and preventable delays, something that is easier to accomplish with the assistance and guidance of an experienced attorney. Legal guidance at every step of the application process may give an applicant a higher chance of success and avoid setbacks that will result in a longer waiting period to get critical financial support.