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The difficulty of seeking disability benefits after Covid

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | social security disability

When an illness prevents someone from working, that individual may need to seek benefits and support in order to meet his or her own daily needs. Disability can be the result of severe illness from which one may never fully recover, such as those who continue to struggle with the implications of long Covid. Some who became ill with Covid find that they are unable to return to normal life or work as they did before they got sick due to severe lingering effects. 

The effects of long Covid 

As Covid is a relatively new illness, its true long-term impacts are still uncertain. However, millions of Americans who suffered from this illness never truly recovered. Some find that they still struggle with cognitive problems, extreme fatigue, migraines and more. These things could prevent one from holding gainful employment in California. However, many have found it difficult to secure disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. 

From muscle weakness to mental fog, the effects of long Covid differ from person to person. However, patients who report these symptoms have said they’ve struggled for months or years after the initial illness. The ones who have applied for disability benefits have found the waiting periods to be long and frustrating.  

The difficulty of securing benefits 

It can be extremely difficult to secure disability benefits, even with a valid claim. If a potential applicant is considering seeking disability benefits after struggling with long Covid, he or she may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. A California lawyer can provide insight regarding how to navigate the process with fewer setbacks and complications.